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Preview of Trove’s Revenant Class -- The Ghostening

Preview of Trove’s Revenant Class -- The Ghostening

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Posted time: Nov 06,2015

According to the news of Trove official website, Rise in the arena of spirits as Trove’s latest class: the Revenant! It is said that this steel-plated specter sacrifices health to manage damage and defend allies. Trove Flux as one of the object which can be used to exchange items or gears in game and you can buy it from our website, IGXE.com. Like a spirit warrior you will find the freedom to personalize the Revenant for any headless look, yet still be in a position to equip hats and faceplates.


Vengeful Spirits (Passive)

Vengeful Spirits is more like “vengeful spear-its” shall we be held right? No? Well, let’s not get swept up within the minutia. Your fundamental attack (left computer mouse button) stabs at opponents together with your spear, rebuilding a tiny bit of health towards the Revenant. While you defeat enemies, you steal their souls to empower your Spirit Wraith. Whenever your health continues to be depleted, players won't go gentle into that night. Rather, an effective Spirit Wraith will burst forth, coming back 50% of the health, and fighting with you. Trove Flux also can help you a lot on health and fighting.

Bulwark Party (right-click)

A brutal shield slam that damages anybody unfortunate enough to become waiting in front from the Revenant, taunting opponents and forcing these to attack you. Cooldown: 7 Seconds.

Spirit Warrior spears (1)

Summon ghostly warrior spears to fight all opponents while watching Revenant. The harm done is dependent on your maximum health. Reaching in to the spirit world to make use of these deadly armaments needs a heavy cost. The Revenant sacrifices health as lengthy because the Spirit Warrior spears are cast. You will not regret if you have bought enough Trove Flux for sale for your characters.

Spirit Storm (2)

A whirling vortex of spirit energy surrounds the Revenant, tugging opponents closer, and firing overflowing blasts of spiritual energy. Upon overflowing, these spirit blasts will heal buddies while harmful enemies. Cooldown: 20 Seconds.

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