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A DarkScape Players’ Suggestion on Armor Set Bonuses: Summoning

A DarkScape Players’ Suggestion on Armor Set Bonuses: Summoning

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Posted time: Nov 05,2015

Recently a DarkScape Players has released a post on the official forum of DarkScape about the suggestion on Armor Set Bonuses: Summoning and have gained most players’ support. Now IGXE have full stock of DarkScape Gold on sale. Now let us have a look on the players’ suggestion.

He said that his post is directed at the Darkscape Developers at Jagex. And he hopes to also receive the support of the other players in the community!

He said that I had hit 89 summoning on his darkscape account. He considers that becoming the first summoning tank in Darkscape to summon a Geyser Titan. Just as he said, he is definitely a big Summoning enthusiast, and it is his favorite skill in Darkscape. As he has been playing, pking and training with familiars lvls 1-89, most of them have been very underwhelming. So he though armor set bonus may be a way to solve this in Darkscape. Well, just a suggestion, and we know DarkScape Gold is still desirable for players.

He suggests making some of the armor set bonuses Summoning Damage Amplifiers.

He said that an update like this could greatly influence his gameplay and that of many others. As of right now this unique style of play is limited in Darkscape as it usually draws on having relatively greater strength than those of similar combat level.

Example set buff: When Wearing 3 items of Armor your familiars basic attacks do x2 damage, and your own basic attacks do x.50.

When Wearing 4 items of Armor your familiars basic attacks do 3x damage and your own basic attacks do x.33

Lowering the gamers own offensive abilities is needed to balance the aficionado caused by an assistance-to-combat skill as now a larger supply of damage. Do not forget that can buy DarkScape Gold on IGXE.com.

Set bonuses such as these would welcome this excellent type of combat into the overall game as well as allow it to be available to by gamers who do not have particularly customized accounts.

(Also it might be nice, within the situation that Summon-damage-improving- armor-bonuses does be realized, when we might get such bonuses at different tier levels. 30, 60, and so forth)

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