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The Introduction of Skills and Mounts in Trove

The Introduction of Skills and Mounts in Trove

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Posted time: Nov 03,2015

We know the realms of Trove are varied, in the fiery fields of Dragonfire Peaks towards the (chocolate-) dipped cupcake canyons of Candoria. Traverse every Trovian terrain in fashion using these attempted-and-true tricks! Remember you can buy large amount of Trove Flux online to exchange these mounts or gears.


Chest provides a lot of travel options and a good amount of methods to acquire them. Craft automobiles together with your bare hands, or locate them readymade inside Adventure Boxes dropped from fallen enemies. Win a mount by watching your preferred Chest streamers, or browse options in the Chest Store. Encourage a buddy to experience Chest too and you may even obtain a special mount only at our Refer-a-Friend program. (The way you convince them can be you, but snacks will always be welcome!)


To leap, just tap the area Bar. Want more height Sweet. Double-tap space and catch air on the top of the air. Every Trovian can double-jump, but don’t be satisfied with individual’s humble levels: collect gear to improve your Jump stat! The greater your Jump stat, the greater advances you may make in mid-air. Two jumps are great. Twenty-five (and much more!) is much, much better.


Press Z to ride your complimentary equine mount, Slow Sebastian, and zip along quicker than your boxy boots might take you. But we can’t blame you should you finish up departing Slow Sebastian within the dust not when you are able rule the street with Pwn-E or ride a Miracle Carpet won from watching Trove Team lives team!


Look! Up on the horizon! It’s a bird. It’s an airplane. It’s you, soaring with the heavens on your own wings! These sleek add-ons, introduced using the Fly update, are an easy way to obtain a bird’s eye look at your surroundings. Also you can buy Trove Flux to exchange the wings or anything you want in game. You will find a great deal available, consider getting collecting!


Cruise through existence in your own boat! Introduced within the Seafood Ships patch, motorboats open the best way to new marine adventures. Starting with an easy raft, however, you can craft yourself a myriad of snazzy ships. (If you wish to rule our prime seas, a Galleon may be the treasure you seek.!)

Mag Riders

Mix a Mag Driver having a Mag Rail Track, and its pure adrenaline hurry! You are able to craft a Mag Driver, and make your personal Mag Rail course with effective speed boosts and dying-repel jumps. You may also put the track over Musical Blocks to produce your personal theme song! Find any Mag Rail track, press the X key, and you're ready to go!


Things are better with dragons. Trove team have dragons that may serve as trusty steeds, dragons which you can use to glide with the air, and fire-breathing behemoths which will lay waste to any or all who oppose you! Well, use Trove Flux to buy dragons to have more fun. Find out more about collecting dragons here.

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