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The Villains in Star Wars Battlefront

The Villains in Star Wars Battlefront

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Posted time: Oct 27,2015

The playable Villains of Star Wars Battlefront we've shared with you so far, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, are truly menacing characters that will strike fear into any they encounter. But as we reveal the final Villain, Star Wars Battlefront team will touch upon pure evil itself – and how you will get a taste of it. It’s time to talk about Emperor Palpatine. So you had better to buy more Star Wars Battlefront Credits online.


Lead Hero Designer Jamie Keen is here to tell us about a character who’s deceptive, immensely powerful, and shocking in more than one way.

“Based on how he’s been characterized and how he plays, Emperor Palpatine might be my personal favorite character in Star Wars Battlefront. But getting to that point has been a challenge.

We wanted many different things with the Emperor. We wanted him to be very mobile, but also about deception and fooling people that he’s fragile and weak. As you've seen in the original Star Wars trilogy, Palpatine pretends to be a weak old man, when he in fact is extremely powerful. Star Wars Battlefront Credits can make them more powerful. That two-faced side was something we wanted to convey in gameplay and the Emperor’s abilities.

Palatine’s main attack is the iconic Force Lightning, which does a lot of damage to troops within reach. It is high time to buy Star Wars Battlefront Credits here. The lightning also comes in the more powerful Chain Lightning form, which is an area of effect ability dealing damage to enemies around you in all directions.

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