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The 2015 Hallowen in Old School RuneScape

The 2015 Hallowen in Old School RuneScape

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Posted time: Oct 26,2015

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us again and, as usual for this time of year, Death is hosting his annual Halloween Party. The only issue is has an unwelcome guest that he just can't seem to rid himself of and he’s not invited! Since Old School RuneScape is running in game, now players can buy RS 2007 Gold online.

After neglecting to convince Gielinorians everywhere to abandon their Wintumber revelry for that sobering malaise every day existence Anti Santa searched for out his old buddy the Harsh Reaper, for any necessary dose of cynicism.

Harsh was more than pleased to trade a couple of discordant tales using the contrarian humbug in the beginning, the main problem using these contentious, nihilistic types is that they don't know when you should leave!

It is been ten several weeks now since Anti-Santa parked his chilled backside around the Reaper’s couch and that he has nearly had enough. Your career is to buy Anti-Santa from Death's mansion and out in to the cold where he goes. But your career may be easier if you have enough RS 2007 Gold.


This year you will be able to unlock a number of new rewards from the Halloween event. You will be able to get your hands on:

Anti-Santa's new, comfortable attire (to be revealed during the event).
A pet tortured soul.
An invitation to Death's Halloween party.
A new, deathly wallkit for your player-owned house.
The Ash emote.
These two additional skin colours from the Makeover Mage:

Please note: The pet tortured soul will be polled separately to the event.

As always, you will also be able to get your hands on all of the rewards from previous years if you haven't already. This includes:

Skeleton outfit.
Jack lantern mask.
Zombie head.
The Scared emote.
Black h'ween mask.
Grim reaper hood.
Red, blue and green h'ween masks.
An additional green skin colour from the Makover Mage

Remember that you can buy RS 2007 Gold here. You can expect the return of the classic "hide and seek" streams, just like those that Mods Mat K and Ronan have previously hosted with great success, as well as any other enjoyable events you can think of. If you have any ideas for fun and engaging streams that we can host make sure to let us know. The more ideas we have the more streams we can do.

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