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Introduction of DarkScape Clan

Introduction of DarkScape Clan

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Posted time: Oct 26,2015

Clan was created 10/10/2015. now many players may really desire to learn about the details of DarkScape, today many players is looking forward the materials of DarkScape. Now also you can buy DarkScape Gold online.

1. Why you should join this clan?

- They are quite an active clan, with up to a third of our total members online at once.
- Worldwide English speaking community, active 24/7
- They accept all players, pkers, pvmers and skillers alike.
- They contain a variety of oldschool and rs3 players, bottom line is, all players are welcome
- They are a mature clan (But still have a sense of humour
- They have a strong and loyal community, and are able to do things such as smuggle efficiently and safely as a clan.
- As DarkScape team recently passed the 100 total players mark (in just our first week) things such as Warbands and teamspeak are going to be introduced
- I will be hosting a Gilded Altar in the near future as well

2. What makes DarkScape team’s clan different?

Strength is in numbers, you need others to be watching your back. Unlike other clans we do not limit ourselves with just certain activities (eg. only pking or wardbands), rather our intent is to just grow as a clan and conquer the DarkScape world. To well explore the DarkScap World, you can buy some DarkScap Gold online. Things such as pking are definately appart of this, but in order to successfully rule over DarkScape you need to be well rounded.

I'll just finish it off there and just cut to the chase...

3. What are the requirements?

New players to the game will not be accepted into the clan, you must show you are active and committed to DarkScape. To join you must:

- Be over combat level 50, a high level pure or a high level skiller

- Place your loyalty to the clan above everything else

4. How do I join?

You have the following options if you want to join: - Ask a clan member to invite you in game
- Join the clan as a guest
- Leave a reply on this forum thread

What do I do if I don't meet requirements or can't join yet?

If you don't meet requirements or can't join because you have recently left another clan and have a 7 day cooldown don't stress. Players are welcome to join the clan as a guest if they are yet to meet requirements or can't yet join.

5. How do I find out more?

Inquiries can be made through three different methods:
- Post a reply to this thread
- Message a clan member in game or myself
- Join the clan as a guest

If you want to learn more about DarkScape, you can just visit the official forum. And if you need to buy DarkScape Gold, you just need to buy it on our web shop, we can provide you a cheap price and fast delivery.

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