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A Player Has Expressed His Love to Tera

A Player Has Expressed His Love to Tera

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Posted time: Oct 21,2015

According to the official forum of Tera, a player has expressed his sincere love for Tera and just attract many tera players’ suppport. Today, let us have a look on why he loved Tera so much. If you need Tera Gold, now you can buy Tera gold on our website IGXE.com.

The player said that he love Tera, he login even when he is not positively playing frequently (because of burnout from raiding/dungeons).

Inside a recent article Enmasse stated the way they have been in constant connection with BHS about current and future content so this is actually the question that most likely will not have your answer. I think Tera Gold must be very useful to him. Most players are very interested in cheap Tera Gold, now we can provide you Tera Gold with low price and instant delivery.

Do BHS have intends to add "casual" content whatsoever? As with items that is not raiding?


Instanced Housing with crafted furniture/furnishings (the guild housing would be a large fail for 95% from the gamers)

Besides this being side content and adding more quality to crafting but it is yet another income (cash shop furniture/house pets etc)

Gardening or farming / fishing.

Pet showing.

These types of additions tend to be more about keeping lengthy-term gamers playing than bringing in new bloodstream with a mature title that's essential.

Tera needs more things you can do. It is definitely an amazing game but it is a little of the one trick pony and action combat is not enough any longer, a number of other game titles do it. This constant gear treadmilll got old a very long time ago, what is required try then add variation with new content. Yes new dungeons/gear need to be added since this is the backbone of the MMO but we want some variety too. Also new dungeons or gear.

Considering that BHS just spent a lot of money revamping the starter area there's money readily available for work about this game, same with it ever going to take place?

He has played farmville since beta occasions and he is going to be honest that at this time, the only real reason he is invested whatsoever any longer may be the character design. All in all, Tera fans need Tera Gold in game, so buy Tera Gold now may is the best choice for you to well play the game.

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