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Tera:First Halloween Headhunt Complete!

Tera:First Halloween Headhunt Complete!

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Posted time: Oct 20,2015
Find out the headhunt results and check out the new bounties.

Kyra called and the community responded! The first round of Halloween Headhunts may have started a bit bumpy, but they’re over now and the results are in!

Headhunt Results

TERA players killed hordes of spooky monsters before the Sunday midnight deadline, completing four of Kyra’s six challenges. So all players who logged in during the event will find four of Kyra’s catalysts in their Item Claim if they log in before Tuesday, October 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Check out how each group did!

Halloween Headhunt Results

New Targets

But the hunt isn’t over. Kyra has a new set of targets for you to hunt! Remember, only kills made by players within five levels of the target count, so think about dusting off some of your lower level characters. For full details about the Halloween Headhunts, see our event announcement post.

Halloween Headhunt Targets

Kyra’s second hunt will last until October 21 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Check back October 22 for the results of this hunt and a new set of headhunts for the weekend!


To celebrate the second week of Halloween brewing, Kyra updated her potion shack with even more Halloween prizes:

Halloween Headhunt Prizes

Here’s what was added this week!

Pet: Boo

Pet: Miss Katonic

Titan Force costume (also 25 percent off in the TERA Store)

Devilicious costume (also 25 percent off in the TERA Store)

Dark Side weapon skin (also half off in the TERA Store)

Force helmet (blue)

Glider wings

Steel-tipped devil wings

Devil horns

Mask 51

Power helmet (blue)

Monster mask

Mr. Cleaver

Bat wings


Dark mark

Duck bill

Still in the prize list:

10,000 and 5,000 EMP prizes

Premium alkahest jackpots (500 and 250)

Extensive alkahest jackpots (1,000 and 500)

Blessed enigmatic scroll jackpots (300 and 100)

Master enigmatic scroll jackpots (500 and 200)

Spellbind jackpots (1,000 and 500)

Level 60 scroll

Elite Status voucher (30-day)

Boneshaker (permanent account mount) (also half off in the TERA Store)

Boneshaker (permanent character mount) (also half off in the TERA Store)

Night Mare (permanent account mount) (also half off in the TERA Store)

Night Mare (permanent character mount) (also half off in the TERA Store)

Wacky weapon skin (also half off in the TERA Store)

Dragon claw weapon skin (also half off in the TERA Store)

Arkai mask (also half off in the TERA Store)

Dracoloth mask (also half off in the TERA Store)

Ailuri giantkiller mask

Sunbright mask

Nightsky mask

Sunbright domino mask

Nightsky domino mask

Red bat hairband

Black bat hairband

Extensive Alkahest (50)

Extensive Alkahest (25)

Spellbind (75)

Spellbind (35)

Master Enigmatic Scroll (30)

Master Enigmatic Scroll (15)

Goddess' Blessing (3)

Semi-Enigmatic Scroll (75)

Semi-Enigmatic Scroll (35)

Tier 7 feedstock (150)

Tier 7 feedstock (75)

Noctenium infusion (200)

Plus we’ve added new items to the TERA Store for purchase! Every Monday during the Halloween event we’ll update Kyra’s Potion Shack and the TERA Store with more Halloween items from seasons past, leading up to the release of the new community-designed “Gothic Rapture” costume set, which will be available in the TERA Store on October 29!

Visit the Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack FAQ for more information about catalysts.

Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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