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This year's 'FIFA' is a big improvement over last year's game

This year's 'FIFA' is a big improvement over last year's game

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Posted time: Oct 13,2015

The only thing soccer fans look forward to more than a new season is the new "FIFA" game.

So many questions emerge. Does it look better? Did they fix the issues I had with last year's version? How's the soundtrack? Is it worth shelling out another $60 for this year's version?

In that order, the answers are yes, some, not great, yes if your budget allows it.

But let's dive into more detail, shall we?


"FIFA 16" is the most beautiful "FIFA" yet.

Player movements are as loose and varied as ever before, and it helps make this year's game look like the best "FIFA" game so far.

Most player faces look even more realistic and recognizable than ever. That said, EA may need to apologize to Memphis DePay and Anthony Martial for botching up their facsimiles in the game. (Who else looks nothing like they do in real life? Tell us in the comments section!)

EA also smoothed out most of last year's game's occasional, yet infuriating, stuttery performance during penalties and free kicks. These are moments when you need to kick the ball at exactly the right time (according to the moving arrow on the screen) by pushing a button, and stuttering animation often led to botched penalties and free kicks. I still saw some stutters during a free kick, though. Which is to say: it's not perfect just yet.

Huge improvements to gameplay

Gameplay is also improved over last year's game.

One of the best things EA added to this year's "FIFA" is the powerful, fast pass when you press controller's right shoulder button. Before "16," players passed like they were having a kickabout in the park. The ball rolled so slowly that making long passes to cut through the midfield was always a bad idea.

Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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