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RuneFest: Old School Reveals(2)

RuneFest: Old School Reveals(2)

Tags: RS 2007
Posted time: Oct 08,2015

Monkey Madness 2

For 10 years now an unfinished end to one of the greatest quests in RuneScape history has remained. Glough swore that the monkeys were listening and it is time for us to uncover what he meant.

A sequel to Monkey Madness will be coming in summer 2016.

For years now, Glough has been working away, selectively breeding demons in a laboratory located beneath Ape Atoll. Still obsessed with taking over the world, Glough has spent this time hatching a new plan to make his absurd dream a reality.

This new quest will offer you a brand new challenge in Old School quests and a way to look deeper into the story of Glough and the monkeys of Ape Atoll. It will be no easy feat, with some hefty requirements and a difficult quest to get past.

Completing Monkey Madness 2 will offer you several rewards. You will receive:

A key allowing you access to Glough's laboratory and the demons that remain.

New high level skilling content

A new farming patch

New glider locations

And potentially even more.

Fight Cave Expansion & Jad 2

In summer 2016 we would like to offer an expansion to the Fight Cave. Upon defeating Jad you would be able to choose to leave and claim your fire cape or sacrifice that cape for a chance at something more.

Falling into the cavern underneath the existing Fight Cave, you will encounter more powerful creatures and more challenges waves. This will be one of the most intense and difficult PvM experiences to be found in Old School.

Multiple waves of Jad, even with other creatures included, all culminating in one intense battle with a new top tier opponent.

Your reward will be a new best-in-slot cape fitting of the challenge that you must complete to earn it. You will not be disappointed.

The Wintertodt

The Wintertodt is a malignant spirit that brings unfathomable cold to the abandoned and desolate reaches of Zeah. With nothing to stand in the way of the Wintertodt the city of Great Kourend would not last long.

The Archeus house head up into the mountains to try and drain the power of the Wintertodt, partly to try and weaken it to prevent it encroaching on Kourend and partly because they would like the power for themselves.

The Archeus cannot do it alone. They require the help of those more equipped to build fires, craft weapons, provide potions and food and lots more to help them maintain their stand against the spirit. If you choose to help the Archeus in their fight they will reward you for your efforts.

Construction Updates

Relocating rooms

Redesigning your player-owned house can be quite a fuss. Being unable to move rooms without having all of the furniture found inside lost makes even the simplest room switch a mammoth task.

We would like to offer a simple solution for this problem. A single interface where you can add, delete and move rooms in your player-owned house without having to remove all of the furniture that you have placed.

Superior garden

The superior garden is a new type of garden that will house some very useful new features for your house. You will be able to place the following in your superior garden:

Fairy ring

Spirit tree

Boss bushes

Restoration pool - restores your prayer, special attack and run energy

Lots, lots more - If you have suggestions, let us know!

Achievement gallery

The achievement gallery is another new type of room for your house that gives you everything you could ever need to show off your accomplishments in RuneScape. You will also be able to place some rather useful features in this room.

We plan to allow you to place the following:

An altar to switch spell books

Achievement logs - clue scroll counter, boss log and slayer log that can be viewed by your guests

Mounted skill capes

Jewellery box - Unlimited teleports from various pieces of jewellery (games necklace, ring of dueling etc)

Boss lair display case - Finally, a place to put your jars of x to use!

A skill cape carpet

Deadman Mode

Deadman mode will be here in just a few weeks and we want to make sure you know what is in store. During the Old School reveals we went over the key differences between your usual Old School RuneScape experience and what you will be up against in Deadman mode.


5 times XP rate

Lose 50% of your XP

Lose 28 stacks from your bank

Longer log out timer

The Grand Exchange is disabled

If you are interested in reading more about the details of Deadman mode in preparation for the release in just a few weeks, make sure to give the Deadman mode v2 developer blog a read!

Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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