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RuneFest: Old School Reveals(1)

RuneFest: Old School Reveals(1)

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Posted time: Oct 08,2015

Over the weekend RuneFest took place. Over 1,100 'Scapers in one place to celebrate one thing: RuneScape. There were some big reveals for Old School RuneScape over the weekend and we are going to recap them here for those of you that couldn't attend or tune in.

The Last 12 Months

The last 12 months have been great for Old School. At RuneFest 2014 we spoke about doing a number of big content updates for Old School and almost all of them have now been done:

In-game polls ✔

Perma-death PvP worlds (to come as Deadman mode)

Auto-generated dungeons ✔ (to come with Zeah as raids)

Sailing ✔ (Polled)

New continent ✔ (Polled)

Slayer update ✔

High level solo boss ✔

New skill ✔

Titan brawl

Achievement diaries ✔

Trading solution ✔

Resizable mode ✔

One of the largest updates of the past 12 months that was not discussed at RuneFest 2014 was F2P and bonds. When we initially pitched F2P and bonds on livestream to the Old School community we showed a prediction of the impact that F2P and F2P with membership bonds may have on the membership of Old School. We can now show you what actually happened.

Following the release of F2P and membership bonds we saw a larger increase in membership than we had expected. In addition to this, the updates that we put into game this summer have allowed us to get an additional bump in membership.

We are set on continuing to release new content updates that the you, the Old School community, love in the hopes of keeping these bumps in membership happening. Doing this will allow us to provide you with more content to enjoy and extend the lifespan of Old School so you can play the game you love for longer.

The New Continent

Zeah was talked about quite a bit at RuneFest 2014. Since then not much has happened. This is largely due to the restructuring of the Old School team and our desire to make the content that we had already promised as good as it can be. We've focused on getting lots of great content out to you over the past 12 months and we can now look at shifting our focus back onto the new continent.

We have decided to deliver Zeah in 3 phases, the first of which will arrive January next year.

Phase 1 - Great Kourend - January 2016 release

Kourend is a city that was once torn to pieces by the 5 houses trying to rise to power and take control. A king rose and united these houses, bringing peace and order to the city.

That king is now dead.

Once again, the 5 houses are struggling for power. Your choices in the city of Great Kourend help decide how much favour you earn with each house.

Earning favour with each house comes with different advantages in various different skills.

Archeus - Runecrafting & Magic

The Archeus house focus on spirituality and magic.

Earning the favour of the Archeus house will allow you access to a new spellbook. This spellbook will allow you to resurrect some monsters to help you in combat. There will also be a library that will offer a lot of insight into lore, new altars to be used and shortcuts to be unlocked throughout the city.

Hosidius - Farming, Herblore, Hunting, Crafting & Cooking

Earning the favour of the Hosidius house will earn you access to new crops. You will be able to use magic to tame living plants to harvest rewards.

Lovakengj - Smithing & Mining

Earning the favour of the Lovakengj family will allow you to collect new compounds used for blast mining. Blast mining will allow you to get ores at an accelerated rate, but only if you put the time in with the Lovakengj. You will also gain access to new routes leading to different mining areas.

Piscarilius - Fishing & Thieving

Earning favour with the Piscarilius family will focus mostly on Fishing and Thieving. You will be able to travel out to sea to take part in deep sea fishing as well as being able to travel to other areas of the continent. Aligning yourself with the pirate underworld will also allow you to steal, smuggle and rob.

Shayzien - Combat

House Shayzien are focused on military. They provide law, order and defence for the region. Earning favour with the house will allow you access to a training ground found verging on the bloodlands, a desolate area that holds nothing but the mutated remnants of war. You will also be able to police the city to help keep order.

The city will provide more interesting and engaging ways to train without increasing the top experience rates in game.

Phase 2 - Raids - June 2016 release

The second phase of Zeah will focus on a volcano found on Zeah. This volcano has some incredibly challenging foes to throw at you, as well as some fitting rewards. You will be able to take on raids with up to 100 other players as you plummet the depths of the volcano and the surrounding caves.

You will also be able to venture out into the bloodlands to take on new slayer creatures and seek new rewards.

Phase 3 - The Colosseum - January 2017 release

The Colosseum will offer large scale large PvP. You will be able to take part in enormous battles with many players taking part at once. PvM will also be a factor with unlockable monsters that you can bring into the Colosseum to spice up the fight.

Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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