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Give us feedback: Combat

Give us feedback: Combat

Tags: Darkscape
Posted time: Sep 30,2015

  Hey all,

  Following a large amount of feedback on legacy combat and a few hot topics we’ve seen mentioned (such as this article) the DarkScape team and other combat guru’s at Jagex decided to all jump in to a room and not come out until we had a decent proposal for you. Below you will find the results of our initial talks and a set of rather interesting updates focused around solving the problems raised. Have a read and give us your ideas and opinions on what we have so far.

  These are only our initial thoughts and suggestions, the ideas are very much high level concepts and would need more in depth design work. Everything noted here is subject to change before we start moving further. We plan to work with you from this early stage and all proposals will be tweaked based on your feedback and suggestions before we flash out the designs further.

  Problem: Weapons are not diverse enough and same tier weapons having the same DPS and accuracy is boring.

  Proposed solution:

  We will redefine what each weapon in each tier is supposed to be good at and weapons in the same tier do not have to have the same DPS or accuracy, they can be min/maxed based on the weapons chosen niche.

  Ideas so far are akin to the following:

  • 2h swords – Focus on burst damage, lower DPS than average but higher max hit. Standard accuracy.

  • Scimitars – Balanced, current tier.

  • Daggers – Lower DPS, Lower damage, higher accuracy

  • Long Swords – Higher DPS, Lower max hit, normal accuracy

  For magic the basic spells would follow this and base their niche via the spell element. Ancients will be for utility.

  For Range: New craftable arrows and bolts that min/max these values. Adds diversity to range and an extension to the fletching skill. “Sharp arrows/fire arrows/ice arrows/blunt arrows”.

  Problem: Strength is useless as a skill

  Proposed solution:

  Make strength a global skill for all 3 combat styles and rename it power. All three styles would take power in to account for your combat level.

  Rather than a weapon having a flat damage, instead it will have a base damage and a scalar for each weapon which will scale as you level your power (strength) up. Higher level weapons would have better base damage and scaled damage but you can take your level 50 weapon and apply your 99 strength to it to boost its damage.

  Problem: The combat triangles rock/paper/scissors system is enforced too much and boring

  Proposed solution:

  Totally remove the combat triangle from the accuracy calculation.

  Combat styles will be more about what type of game play that style offers. Initial thoughts are:

  • Melee – High defence, burst damage

  • Range – High DPS, low defence i.e. glass cannon.

  • Mage – Control and utility.

  Problem: Armour is useless and 1-itemers have it far too easy.

  Proposed solution:

  Every armour set in the game will get set effects (2pc/4pc/5pc). Some of these may be global to all styles (i.e. for 2 pc melee, you get a strength boost). Some will be specific to that tier(i.e. wear full mystic and your binds will bind for 1 more second). Every set effect will enhance the style of play for the combat style using it.

  Damage reduction on armour will be bolstered so that armour doesn’t have to rely on accuracy to sell it. This should ensure that armour is always worth wearing. This would be direct damage mitigation rather than the previously implemented damage soaking and the current percentage based system.

  Prayers will be locked behind wearing armour. In order to get your melee boosts you’ll need to equip a few pieces of melee armour. To get higher boosts you’ll need more pieces of armour of that style.

  Protect item will be locked behind at least 3 pieces of armour.

  That’s all for now, let us know your thoughts on the proposed solutions and any changes you think would be beneficial. Any other ideas to combat the problems raised above are very welcome. I look forward to working with you guys on the issues and making some awesome changes to the system.

  The DarkScape Team

  Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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