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The Wilderness Guardians

The Wilderness Guardians

Tags: DarkScape
Posted time: Sep 29,2015

  Looking to join? Just guest join "Wilderness Guardians" Clan Chat and ask anyone for an invite. Also hang in our cross-game FC: His Lordship

  Welcome to the recruitment page of the Wilderness Guardians, founded in 2003. We are active on Dark*cape, RS3 and OSRS and we accept PvP and non-PvP players alike.

  So what makes WG unique and why should you join?

  Here are eight suggestions we hope will persuade you:


  We carry ourselves with respect, both on and off the battlefield. We do not flame others, cheat during wars or spy on other groups. We play fairly, whatever we are doing. Our maturity is second to none.


  We could not survive for ten years without our strong community. In WG you are welcomed not just as some pixels but as a real person. As a result we have attracted thousands of members, male and female, from all over the world during our existence. Some of our members have been felt compelled to meet in real life!


  His Lordship is the longest serving leader in the history of the game, having served since opening the clan in 2003 and will never close the clan. This creates a base for stability within the clan. We have overcome many obstacles during our history and adapted to the many changes within the game.


  We have a history of bloody battles and deadly wars that few clans can match. We aim to frequently engage in fights and PK trips both on RS3 and OSRS. On DS our initial PvP focus is Warbands. This will evolve as we train u


  WG is a casual clan. You have freedom to play the game as you like and when you like. For example if you prefer PvM to PvP this is no problem. Our members have a broad range of interests and we will never force you to attend an event you do not like.


  We make the bold claim to be RuneScape's Most Famous Clan. We have been featured more than any other clan on the website and have had numerous J-Mod testimonials. We've also had many viral videos, our top four being: "Can I have 10k?", "The Wilderness Biography", "What Regular People Think of RuneScape" and "Why RuneScape is dying".


  We know the importance of giving our members the broadest possible experience. As a result we have a huge variety of events and competitions both in and outside of the Wilderness. We have dedicated Eventmasters who will ensure a wide range of optional events take place. Alternatively, easily host your own event!


  We value experienced and inexperienced players alike. We embrace the chance to teach players new skills, whether that is PvP, PvM or something else entirely. Our requirements are proof of our commitment to this.

  Learn more details from the official website, click here.

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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