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RuneScape 2007: Smite does NOT stop 1 Itemers

RuneScape 2007: Smite does NOT stop 1 Itemers

Tags: RS 2007 Runescape 2007
Posted time: Sep 28,2015

Smite simply doesn't functionally work most of the time. I was testing out if one iteming in the GE was possible to do WHILE keeping the item after being killed by the guards, and sure enough, it is. About 75% of the time I was able to keep my item after attacking players in the lumbridge GE. I think what was happening was that I was getting instantly nuked and the prayer points weren't being taken off fast enough because the one time I was more slowly killed, my prayer points had a chance to get eaten and the protect item prayer was successfully turned off.

However, that was just with guard smites. Earlier today I was killed while skulled from 100% health to 0 health while being smited by a player and my prayer wasn't even gone by the time I died. A player at a Catherby node brawl using Smite wasn't wasn't able to get any players to drop their single item when they were skulled. He killed multiple players from 100 - 0 and none of them lost their item.

Regardless of what is causing this issue, Smite is unreliable to the point of being glitchy and is way too weak right now. It is not an effective method of dealing with one itemers, and this prayer is supposed to be the one saving grace to allow no risk one iteming to be acceptable. There needs to be a fix to nuked players not losing their items and scaling maybe should be done differently. However, Protect Item also uses prayer points at a molasses rate, and I'm not sure why the drain isn't on par with even the combat skill boosting prayers. I think the rate should be increased regardless, but Smite needs to be fixed.

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