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The Guide of The Wizards' Tower in RS 2007

The Guide of The Wizards' Tower in RS 2007

Posted time: Sep 28,2015

Welcome to the Wizards' Tower, a place where young wizards, summoners and many more come to train and hone their magical skills.

OOC rules: Not too much swearing, don't say anything too graphical, don't insult anyone

IC rules: No metagaming, no autohitting etc. y'know that stuff.

Friends chat: Bobokapita

Events on page 2


The Clan chat is now active! though it's numbers are minuscule, we can grow into a large community with the help of all of you!

CC: The Tower

Now let me explain the new chat. The CC isn't specific to tower only role-play. This is a chat tailored to all mages within world 42!


1. What do you mean by "a chat tailored to all mages"?

- The chat is for all players who want to connect with other magic users throughout the world. Anyone is welcomed into the chat, and you don't necessarily need to be in the tower role-play to join. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!

2. Well why not just have a Wizards' Tower role-play CC?

- My goal is to connect World 42 and create a striving community again. The CC will not only serve as the main chat hub for the Wizards' Tower, but also allow all people who are interested in magical themed role-play to link up and create their own plots, share ideas, and have a good time.

3. Do I have to join the CC to be apart of the Wizards' Tower role-play?

- Not at all. The CC is a choice for the player to make. It is highly recommended to guest in the chat; as most discussion, questions, and other information will be shared there. The other tower! With blackjack. And hookers.

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