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TERA Stuff of the Week

TERA Stuff of the Week

Tags: Tera
Posted time: Sep 28,2015

  Hey! It's me, Denommenator. Back with another stuff of the week. It's been a fairly eventful week, so let's dive right in!

  TERA Changing Publishers in Korea

  It was announced this week that NHN, the publisher of TERA in the Korean market, will cease it's service of the game once its current license agreement ends.

  TERA is serviced in many regions by many different publishers under separate licenses. NHN's decision to no longer service TERA has no impact on the other publishers operating TERA, including En Masse Entertainment. It is also not representative of TERA's performance or the current state of development surrounding TERA.

  En Masse Entertainment will remain the North American publisher and operator of TERA for the forseeable future and Bluehole remains dedicated to the product through continued support and content development.

  In short, no need to worry, this announcement has no impact on TERA as published by En Masse Entertainment.

  TERA No Longer Officially Supports Windows XP

  This came up on the forums this week, so I thought I'd mention it quickly.

  As Microsoft has discontinued support and development of Windows XP, we cannot guarantee that TERA will be fully compatible or perform well on that operating system. Sorry, Windows XP users!

  Client Lag/Stutter as caused by Windows Defender Issue/Microsoft Security Essentials

  In late August, the TERA client began to exhibit issues including client freezing and gameplay stutter. It was revealed that this was caused by conflicts with Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials. Bluehole has been working with Microsoft directly since then and as of September 16, Microsoft reported the issue as resolved. Our internal testing seems to confirm this.

  As of now, we consider this issue resolved.

  This issue is separate from the framerate issues reported by users in high-level dungeons/boss fights, which I'll touch on next.

  Framerate Issues in High-Level Dungeons/Boss Fights

  This is an issue that has plagued players over the past several weeks. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide much in the way of support regarding this issue, however a few developments have occurred this past week:

  1) Tech savvy players identified that deletion/removal of certain game files (relating to UI) and adjustments around process priority in Windows Task Manager improved their performance/resolved the issue.

  This has provided us a great lead to put forth to the game's developers in order to aid in their investigation of this issue. We'll provide any updates as we receive them.

  2) Additionally, client tracking was deployed as part of this past week's maintenance that may allow for us to better track client performance across different player hardware configurations.

  Together, these two developments may help us to gain some traction on this issue. Here's hoping!

  Extension of Rootstock, Pond Faire, and Bamarama

  As announced by Harmonia here, we will be extending these events one week until maintenance on October 6.

  Game Improvements - Gold Drops and Max Level Dungeon Loot

  Open world gold drops will be reverted to their pre-"Go Berserk" status in our next major build release targeting mid-October. Improving the max-level dungeon rewards may take a bit longer however. We'll continue to provide updates regarding the status of our progress on these issues as they happen.

  Loot Removal from Lower Level Instances When Playing with Higher-Level Player

  No updates on this front, but I'll circle back if I have any.

  That's it for this week's stuff! I've got some ongoing conversations in last week's thread, so check back there for some additional replies.

  See ya next week!

Learn more details from the official website, click here.

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