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Core Game Issues and Functions about Darkscape

Core Game Issues and Functions about Darkscape

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Posted time: Sep 25,2015


•Darkscape team is looking at tackling it at multiple angles.

•Smite was a quick-fix to the issue but it's not the solution.

•We are looking into moving stats off weapons and on to armor, but it's an early stages, and it would take a long time to implement.

•Either way, Darkscape team want the person risking more to have more advantage. If you have enough Darkscape Gold, you can risk more as you wish.

Misclicking/Left-Click Attack

•Looking into implementing the sheathing idea that was suggested on reddit.

•This issue will be resolved in a week.

•It's not babying, it's more of annoying issues that would cause people to quit if they loss their items as a result.


•We want to fix this issue, and we plan on addressing it in the near future.

•Other issues such as 1-iteming, and misclicking will be fixed first, and as a result this will be pushed further back.

•Skill reworks for RS3 take into account the economy as well as needing to re-populate the skill at level gaps.

•With DS they can do it anyway because the economy is brand new. So you will need another in-game currency Darkscape Gold to afford your consumption.

•We will worry about the gap in the future and fill it in as time goes on.

•If weapons don't have off-hands we can add them.

•Weapon re-balancing would come with the rework of mining/smithing.

•The topic of off-hands being added to shops and drops instead of just coming through smithing is being discussed.

•The idea is that Mithril and under will be added, but anything above mithril smiths should smith.

•Anything above Mithril shouldn't be in a shop, and current items above mithril could be looked at.

•Grand Exchange dictates the price typically so shops aren't going to have a primary focus. If you have enough Darkscape Gold, you will not care about more.

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