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The RuneScape Game Interface Changes

The RuneScape Game Interface Changes

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Posted time: Sep 25,2015

On Monday, we will be making a change to the main game interface for RuneScape. We want to let you know about this early, as these are the interfaces you use every day.

RuneScape team planning to move the Loadout and Preset tabs from the Gear interface to the Hero interface (the Hero interface is the one with the helmet icon). Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold to gain more Hero interface. In turn, the Pets tab will move from the Hero interface to the Gear interface, replacing Loadout and Presets. Also RuneScape 2007 Gold can exchange more favorite Hero interface for you.

It is said that RuneScape team will then be renaming the Gear tab to the Customisations tab. This will be represented with an ornate mask, as seen below:

RoundScape2007 Gold

RuneScape team is planning to make this change so that you have one, clear place for all your cosmetics. If you want to do anything with your wardrobe, animations, appearance, titles or pets, this will be the place. The in game currency will be really useful for you, like RS2007 Gold, RuneScape Gold, or RuneScape3 Gold.

By doing this, RuneScape team think the main game interfaces are clearer. If you want to make substantial, gameplay-affecting changes to your player character, go to Hero. If you want to change something cosmetic, go to Customisations. We’re confident that new players in particular will find this a more intuitive layout.

Feel free to discuss the change here, or send messages to me at @JagexOsborne if you have questions.

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