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The Newest Information on Darkscape

The Newest Information on Darkscape

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Posted time: Sep 24,2015

Overall Release

•Lot's of people are playing, lots of people are returning to the game after each day.

•People are slowly migrating the mid-area and populating it and using the GE within that area.

•They will have to wait and see it's long-term success before deciding on whether they should create a dedicated team.

•Many web shop begin to sell Darkscape Gold as soon as it released.


•Check out this newspost!

•The next update was supposed to be tomorrow but since we couldn't you can have stats.

•Next update within a week, SoonTM

Darkscape Client

•There are plans to grant easier access to a client version.

•For right now, pull the Play Now button from the website onto your desktop.

•We have an icon-pack that we could release.

General Darkscape

•The Rules on the RS website are the same for Darkscape. Darkscape Gold and RS Gold are devided, and both of them are hot sale online.

•The no rules comment is primarily about game play.

•You are not allowed to lure through broken game mechanics.

•You can drop cash to pull people out to kill them.

•You cannot bug abuse.

•We are not advocates of Darkscape Gold Swapping.

•We can't track it enough to say it's against the rules.

•It falls under trust-trading, if you get scammed, we can't help you.

•Same stance applies to Darkscape as does RS3/OSRS. Here you can buy RS3 Gold.

No to hiscores still.

•It's not for this type of game.

•There are thoughts on an Elo highscores

•The best way to climb would be to kill the best players. If you killed weaker players you wouldn't climb.

•Citadels are cheap/safe training that's why they aren't added.

•The Darkscape world list will changed based on the number of active players.

•It won't allow for worlds to be too full or too empty.

•The mini-map will remain in the game for all areas other than the wilderness.

Darkscape Forums

•This would involve a massive amount of work from multiple teams.

•There won't be anymore Yew trees in Darkscape for right now.

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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