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RuneScape Skillcape Improvements Project

RuneScape Skillcape Improvements Project

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Posted time: Sep 21,2015

The most popular idea in the last year and much more is to add little enhancements to each one of the skillcapes - to provide them much more of grounds to become worn when training the attached skill! Also gamers can buy RS Gold online to develop thire skill.

The RS team agree and also have been focusing on collecting suggestions for the skillcapes but we're feeling a few of these ideas might be enhanced and wish your help! Either publish your opinions and feedback here or tweet me or Mod John C.

The feature RS team increase each cape should fit certain criteria:

Must only a little perk.

Shouldn't have anything further than a small effect on the XP rate for your skill.

Ought to be a circumstance in which the perk would really be helpful.

There must only be 1 perk for every. Your suggestion would switch the idea.

The stats from the capes shouldn't be transformed.

The Max Cape

First of all, the Max cape is presently being produced by Mod Maz and will also be another couple of days away yet. It's much wider compared to other content within the QoL poll because of the graphics needs to have an epic emote etc! This cape could be launched before project, and therefore RS team has to contemplate it. I do believe that RS Gold has a lot of use to you.

There are two options:

Let it have the perks concurrently.

Let it have only one, that you simply must operate the cape and select.

Don’t forget to buy some RS Gold from web shop. Because of the perks aren't actually associated with each other, we do not have trouble with it giving all of the perks concurrently - they're small , only give a little help. Your feedback could be appreciated here.

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