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Abyssal Sire is the Theme of September in RuneScape

Abyssal Sire is the Theme of September in RuneScape

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Posted time: Sep 15,2015

As we know from the official forum of RuneScape in September things in Old School RuneScape are going to get a little more harmful. The Abyssal Sire is originating. So in order to well prepare for the game, you had better to gain some RS 2007 Gold.

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The Abyssal Sire is really a greater order of Abyssal Demon. Recognized to arrange the flesh of the prey right into a living, subservient atmosphere that it may feed and flourish, the task of dealing with one of these simple monsters is really a terrifying thought. To be able to get rid of the Abyssal Sire you'll want 85 Slayer and become with an Abyssal Demon or Abyssal Sire slayer task.

Obviously, beating this type of animal can be quite rewarding. The Abyssal Sire will drop an Abyssal Bludgeon and Abyssal Dagger. RS 2007 Gold for sale can help you a lot in game.

Abyssal Bludgeon

The abyssal bludgeon is really a two-handed weapon that needs 70 attack and strength to equip. It hits in the speed of the abyssal whip and it has the next stats:

102 Crush attack

85 Strength

The abyssal bludgeon may have just one attack style that utilizes crush and trains strength (and hitpoints).

The special attack from the abyssal bludgeon costs 50% special attack energy and increases damage worked by .3% for each prayer point that you're missing.

Abyssal Dagger

The abyssal dagger is really a one-handed weapon that needs 70 attack to equip. Her following stats:

Plus 75 Stab attack

Plus 75 Strength

The special attack from the abyssal dagger costs 50% special attack energy. The special attack hits two times in quick succession (similar to the dragon dagger) with 15% reduced damage. When the first hit deals damage, same goes with the 2nd. Both hits deal damage and neither does. Do not forget to gain more cheap RS 2007 Gold online to gain more fun with your friends.

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