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Guild Wars 2’ President, Mike O’Brien Released the Anniversary Letter

Guild Wars 2’ President, Mike O’Brien Released the Anniversary Letter

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Posted time: Sep 07,2015

Recently the Guild Wars 2’s President had written the anniversary letter to players. Besides express his wish and hope for the game and the anniversary, he has mentioned that it was three years ago this weekend that his team launched Guild Wars 2 and set out on the amazing journey with all the Guild Wars 2’s players. GW2 Gold now must be used in many places during the anniversary time. His said that their team’s goal is building Guild Wars 2 to challenge the conventions of traditional MMOs, in order to tear down barriers to fun, and to create the first real social online world, a world in which players are usually happy to see another gamer.

Mike O’Brien had mentioned that this weekend at PAX, his team will made some big announcements charting the future course of the Guild Wars 2 and will officialy beginning the countdown to the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

Raids are coming! They will be considered a large a part of our live content technique for Heart of Thorns. This is actually the challenging group content our skilled gamers happen to be waiting for, that is definitely encounters and epic bosses which will test out your team’s skill and coordination and provide the time to earn legendary rewards. With more Guild Wars 2 Gold, you can act well in Heart of Thorns.

President said now his team is making the main Guild Wars 2 game free for everybody. With Heart of Thorns coming, it had been already a lot of fun to ask buddies and guild people into the overall game, and today it is a much better one. You want to allow new gamers to test the overall game because we feel that gamers who love Guild Wars 2 tends to buy Heart of Thorns. Read all of the particulars here.

GW2 team is beginning the ultimate countdown to produce, and they have finally clarified the main one question they obtain requested greater than every other: just when was Heart of Thorns coming? They are pleased to state that it is under two several weeks away. Heart of Thorns will launch Friday, October 23! Well, what are you waiting for? Just gather cheap GW2 Gold in game and have fun in the Anniversary.

Whether players are an experienced or perhaps a new player, right now is the best time to gain levels your figures and prepare to go in the jungle. And you are aware of date if this all becomes real.

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