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Archeage Server Transfers Started

Archeage Server Transfers Started

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Posted time: Aug 27,2015

According to the Archeage official website, we know that the transfers of Archeage have opened on August 25th. Today let us have a look on how to apply for a transfer. Hope gamers can learn about more things from this article. If you need to buy Archeage Gold, you can come to our website, igxe.com to gain the Archeage Gold.


If players is impacted by Evolution and disinterested in staying on the gamers’ sever, usually they may apply for a one time transfer of gamers’ characters to a non-Evolution have an effect on server of their region. What we can know is that the transfers are definitely free while they will only available for such a short and limited time.

The date of applying to transfers is from August 25, 2015 to September 4, 2015. We know that the transfer request is going to be taken on a first come, first served basis. Based on the demand and faction, players can limit the amount of transfers in high population servers based on demand and the faction balance.

Now let us have a look on these requirements when you apply for the transfers. Here are the requirements.

Your character must be on a server affected by the Evolution.
You may not possess over 200,000 gold.
You will no longer be a member of a family or a guild after the transfer.
You cannot have any marketplace mail or in-game mail.
You may not have any items listed on the Auction House.
You cannot own any land.
You cannot have a dry dock under construction.
Your character cannot be queued for deletion.
Please ensure all of your summonable vehicles and ship components are repaired.
Your character must be level 10 or above.

Gamers had better to log their character off and sign up on their transfer page when they have met all of the requirements. If you have any question or experience on the Evolution, you can discuss it on their official forums!

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