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The Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Patch 3.07 Notes Is Coming

The Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Patch 3.07 Notes Is Coming

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Posted time: Aug 26,2015

From the news of yesterday, we know that Final Fantasy XIV has released the Patch 3.07 Notes. And this time the game has adjusted a lot no matter on disciples of war and magic, favors, UI changes, and also has fixed for some issues that has existed for a time. Today let us have a look on the details of the adjustment. You had better to gain some cheap FFXIV Gil on the web shop like our homepage.


First let us have a look on actions and traits:

This time there are four classes/jobs has been changed includes Dark Knight, Pugilist, Monk, Machinist, and Astrologian. Even though only four classes have been changed, but the details has changed a lot especially the Astrologian.

Next one is PVP action have been adjusted. There are only two actions been changed, that are Pugilist Monk and Shared Actions. The Axe Kick action of Pugilist Monk has been changed that the duration of Greased Lightning III. But the other one is the purify that has been changed that the Recast time has been reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.

Next changes maybe are Items.

Also items has changed a lot in FFXIV, we know that the effect of favors has been adjusted. And players now can gain many items from retainer through finishing ventures includes Blueclaw Shrimp, Rock Mussel, Mogpom, Sweetfish, and Blue Cloud Coral. The rate that Battle Galley can be caught when using Brute Leech has been adjusted, also the name of Ninja Teko and Koga Teko have been changed into Ninja Tekko and Koga Tekko.

Next let us focus on the system, players now can see the TP bar of all party members. In order to decrease system load, your TP bar may have been removed. We have mentioned before that large numbers of issues has been changed. If you want to learn more about the details about the issues, you can come to the official website to learn more about it.

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