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Heavensward of Final Fantasy XIV Appears with Official Benchmark

Heavensward of Final Fantasy XIV Appears with Official Benchmark

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Posted time: Aug 17,2015

It is to visualize how your computer runs FFXIV. The official benchmark software applies the actual maps and playable characters to give a score to the PC along with its rate of performance. There is the inclusion of a character permitting the gamer to view playable characters, as they would come out in the game. The gamers can go for gain FF14 Gil at the online store to alternate the process of grinding Gil for time being. As the gamer becomes accustomed to the game setting, he or she can act well in grinding Gil. However, both seasoned campaigners along with novice gamers also prefer buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in their dire need.

showing up the support of high definition at Benchmark of Heavensward

Including the standard 1280x720 pixel presentation, the benchmark also provides the support of a 1920x1080 high definition presentation. It is to enjoy having every crisp detail of the stunning kingdom of Eorzea. Other than Direct X 9 edition, the software also integrates a Direct X 11 benchmark with the developed graphics performance. The requirements of Direct X 11 are differentiated from those for Direct X 9.

IGXE.Com comes out as one of the most professional online gaming houses in the fantasy gaming world. The gamers of Final Fantasy XIV can pick up Final Fantasy XIV Gil from a huge stock of Gil. Now, the gamers can purchase FFXIV Gil with cheap price, faster delivery along with one hundred percent satisfaction from this prestigious online gaming house. The gamers can find the live chat agent for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week while purchasing Gil from this online outlet.

introduction of new playable race, Au Ra in Heavensward, the first expansion of FFXIV

The making of character tool provides the gamers the opportunity to choose the new Au Ra playable race in the benchmark. After making the ideal character, the looking data can be saved for the application while making the characters in the retail edition. The high-quality surrounding sound finishes the experience. It wraps the players in the inspiring music along with the atmospheric effects of FINAL FANTASY XIV. It provides the multilingual supports integrating French, German, Japanese, and English. Relying upon the resident software and hardware of the system, it becomes possible that FINAL FANTASY XIV would not run optimally if the computer needs the minimum requirements. Hence, it is advisable to apply this benchmark software to check the system prior to buying the product. This software is not a trial edition. It is to be cautious that one cannot play FFXIV applying this software. Buy FFXIV Gil online now.

To execute the ffxiv-heavensward-bench.exe, file is to introduce a splash page; it is to be followed by the window of software license agreement. If the PC does not execute the requirements of the method to run the benchmark, the program is to shut. There is a notification that is to prompt the player to regulate the screen resolution or other settings if it deems necessary. It is wise to review the official benchmark software of FFXIV Heavensward to ensure whether the PC fulfills the requirements of system or not.

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