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Neverwinter Online Creating a Largest Map in Game

Neverwinter Online Creating a Largest Map in Game

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Posted time: Jun 25,2015

Recently, a so called environment artist who working on the big Stronghold update of Neverwinter has given players a small glimpse into the creating of the largest map of Neverwinter. That is to say, they will combine PvP and PvE elements into one map which could be the biggest one that we have ever made and met before. The best way to explore Neverwinter Online is to gain enough Neverwinter Online Gold from the online game shops. Now IGXE.com offers cheap Neverwinter Online Gold for players.


Yes, that’s right, this could be the biggest map the team have ever made before. The environment artist express that there are two major reasons for the large size of the map. One is that the develop team wanted players have a strong sense of adventuring since they freely roam the lands and fight off enemies to make their guild more strong. Another reason is that PvP integration, which I will mention for a little bit.

As there is no new adventure zone in Neverwinter, developers usually start with the original block out of terrain and at first pass propping. That may helps players have a feel for size and gameplay room. At this point, the design of content is able to go in and start to do their original gameplay pass.

As soon as the gameplay entered in, our environment team is able to start to finish the map. That means the sculpting terrain into the final forms with mountains ranges and roads as well as working with design to come up with unique, lore driven areas in the land surrounding the Stronghold of players’ guild.

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