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Getting Accustomed Open Beta Test of Dungeon Fighter Online

Getting Accustomed Open Beta Test of Dungeon Fighter Online

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Posted time: Jun 10,2015

Dungeon Fighter Online comes out as an identical game to the Classic 2D side-scrolling arcade hack and slash games including Double Dragon and Golden Axe. The gamers are to pass through 2D screens while battling with the fighting hordes of monsters. There are two meters of Characters including HP meter and MP meter. The HP meter starts reducing when the player becomes struck by the foes and the MP meter starts diminishing on applying a skill. At the similar time, the items can start taking place on both at on one occasion. Gold is the in-game currency of this game. The player needs Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to grow their character with the updated weapons and armors during the time of leveling up, now you can buy cheap DFO Gold at IGXE.com with a professional service.


The events of Open Beta Test

The event 1 is with the hell with the Goblins. It narrates the invitations of Demon and the pot of Golden Goblin. The Golden Goblin is to be killed, and have huge treasures. This event period is between 26 May and 9 June in UTC time. It is unless maintenance. The event is depicted for the level between the character 1 and character 39. The period of event is from 26 May to 23 June according to UTC time. Under this event, the NPCs are in the action to help those players that are not playing well. The gamers can find out the different sorts of buffs and items. Your most favored online gaming house, IGXE.com makes you avail DFO Items to develop the character in a faster period.

Dungeon Fighter Online appears with the diverse contents including New area, Suju; New area, Time Gate and Item of the month. In the first content New area: Suju, it is seen that Suju appears as the capital of Shonan Kingdom and it is released. Alleviating the mental stress and saving time in grinding, the gamers can opt to buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold for sale from the most stable online gaming house, IGXE.com. Gold helps the gamer level up their characters in the faster succession. In Dungeon Fighter Online, there are eight possible directions with the joy-pad or the arrow keys. The players can move with the direction through pressing the assigned key or button of invasions, jumping, and application of skills. The skills are to be designated on an upper row of hotkeys. It can be extended based on the decision of the player. Conversely, a player can select to provide the input of the command manually while performing a specific skill. The gamer can find a good number of social features including PvP Arenas, Guilds, Party Play, and Mentorship.

The gamers can figure out the diverse weapons in Dungeon Fighter Online. However, the class and subclass are to make limit you to the specific kinds of weapon. Each class can apply around four or five diverse weapons. Each weapon appears with the diverse properties. The upgrading weapons are to provide both Piercing Physical and Magical invasion Strength. It is to refer to the enhancement of success rates and stopping of penalties. Buy cheap DFO Gold to level up your character fast by equipping the proper weapons and armors.

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