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The Guide of Disassembler in Dungeon Fighter Online

The Guide of Disassembler in Dungeon Fighter Online

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Posted time: Apr 27,2015

If you are a beginner of the hot MMO game, Dungeon Fighter Online, This guide maybe is necessary for your guys to catch a glimpse of. Disassembler is maybe the best profession for beginners. The advantages of learning this guide are as follows.


1.Players can disassemble their own DFO items without the help of the NPCs.
2.Gamers can setup your own disassembling shop in town for others to use.
3.You are able to charge a small numbers of fees for it. (Lv 1 = 0, Lv 5 = 300 DFO gold, Lv 9 = 500 Dungeon Fighter Online gold, buy DFO gold or DFO Powerleveling, click here).
4.If others use your disassemble, you will gain experience.
5.Players are able to AFK and level their profession.

Players also do have the disadvantages. Their disassembler spends the Dungeon Fighter Online gold to repair. If your level is high, the cost will be a little. This character has a stable durability and only if it’s down to 0, that is the time to repair it.

Now I will talk about an experienced player how he levels him. In the beginning, at level 1, he will charge 0 DFO gold for make players use his. Then they keep doing this until you gain enough experience to do a complete upgrade to level 5.

Whatever, we can explain that you won’t be making much Dungeon Fighter Online gold with level 1-4 disassemblers, so don’t interrupt upgrading to each level since repairs will increase. Level 5 is the first sweet spot for charging 100-300 DFO gold, based on the area that players in. many players like to park my disassembler in low populated servers where there are no other ones around.

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