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WildStar pet system is added in INVASION: Nexus

WildStar pet system is added in INVASION: Nexus

Tags: WildStar INVASION: Nexus pet system
Posted time: Apr 01,2015

WildStar is a cartoon style MMORPGO, owned and developed by the NCsoft Carbine Studios. WildStar pet system has been show on the official blog in the game for a few days. In WildStar, the in-game pets not only have kinds of strange shapes, but also each wildstar pet owns unique actions. In addition, these wildstatr pets are able to interact with some environment. The wildstar pet system will be added to wildstar with the upcoming of the upgrade patch INVASION: Nexus added in the first expansion Voyage of the Nomad. Now prepare WildStar gold to challenge the Voyage of the Nomad and get your wildstar pets.

WildStar Pet

Joe Piepiora, the Chief designer of the game systems, wrote in his blog: "WildStar small pet system a lot of players look for will be added in wildstar INVASION: Nexus, so that everyone's life can be more colorful in WildStar. In the game, here are 54 species of wildstar pets that are prepared for wildstar players to collect. Besides, parts of wildstar pets are from Shiphands. Some wildstar pets are dropped from Dungeon and NPC merchants of different places. The others are from world drop that is completely random surprise."

He added: "once you get them, you can always summon them to accompany you, but you only can summon one at a time. Keep in mind, these lovely little wildstar pets are fragile creatures so they do not bring you some property promotion and assist you in battle. Even if you are at risk, they are powerless so that they are only gnawing and eating radish on the side."

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