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WildStar: PvP changes come in 2015

WildStar: PvP changes come in 2015

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Posted time: Feb 02,2015

There are many changes to the PvP of WildStar, which is announced on WildStar website. The changes include same-faction battlegrounds, PvP contracts, new gear, and prestige purchase power added in WildStar. What is more, PvP Season 2 will kick off before the end of the year.

WildStar PvP changes

In the update of WildStar, Daily PvP quests, New PvP weekly quests and Random-queue bonuses are included in the changes of the wildstar PvP. But these will not directly affect the balance or playstyle within PvP. These changes offer more incentives to gamers to play the game in PvP so that many gamers are buying WildStar Gold.

With the coming of same-faction battlegrounds, PvP skills will be useful for Exile and Dominion team. It marks the starts of Exile and Dominion vs. Dominion battles. The upcoming of PvP Contracts make gameplay fast, rewarding and fun.  As for new wildstar gear, the blue PvP set can be used with WildStar gold. Moreover, the rating requirements will disappear from all PvP gear so that gamers can stock Prestige to get the current 1800 rating wildstar gear. In terms of prestige purchase power, resource bags might spend your Prestige to purchase a bag that gives out a selection of random rune fragments, or perhaps the same thing for elemental signs. All these changes above will come later in 2015.

PvP Season 2 and a new wildstar gear set will come before the end of 2015. Besides, the new gear set of PvP can be bought with WildStar Prestige, which is equivalent PvE gear. Moreover, rating-gated cosmetic gear will be available.

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