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Comprehensive Analysis of the Paladin in Maple Story 2

Comprehensive Analysis of the Paladin in Maple Story 2

Tags: Maple Story 2 Paladin
Posted time: Dec 23,2014

There is an old player to share with you the characteristic of paladin and positioning of Maple Story 2, hope that we can correct and objective understanding after the big change of the paladin. So even you are farming Maple Story 2 Mesos, you will have a clear thinking way.

How is the comprehensive strength of the paladin? Balance with other professions, get rid of the single output is not weak like before, but it is almost a blank the embarrassment of auxiliary. But it is important to note that after the big change of the paladin BT, not many people want it to just very balance.

What is the distinguishing feature of its outputs? This problem, you must first point: open the potential, on the data of basic balance in version 2.0, strong not strong not look professional at all, but see the equipment, especially the potential. Pure monomer output, the paladin does is very strong, can say is better than the sharpshooter, mark is no problem, single output ranking can be ranked the top three. But still can't be more than a hero, although the gap is very small, not to mention the captain. To prick the hand the black dragon, the main body of this can be a dozen to several parts of the BOSS, the paladin compared to hero, that is don't even touch the sides (of course, play multiple parts at the same time, also what captain does not have this advantage, it can be said to be the hero of a huge advantage).Only when the number of monsters in four or more, the paladin can show an advantage of group of attack.

How about the paladin’s supporting? The individual feels the paladin's auxiliary function after big upheaval is increase rapidly. I went to han2 fu2 insofar BBS have seen a post, that is the 23 seconds down, hit the lion king of the castle is merely the weak efferent written 3 92 w paladin, he said there must be a paladin in PB, though the paladin's output in terms of PB ontology is a weakness, but suppression is necessary, magic, collapse is also important. This fully shows the paladin auxiliary power in BOSS group of war is no longer weak.

What are the main characteristics of this occupation? Paladins are slowly but surely, step-by-step, can focus on united team-mate, good at the type of fight. Language, said its use straightforward adventure island is lay particular stress on defense, but output is still not bad, not easy to die, a powerful auxiliary. And the other disciples’ hero gate is a strong brave type, pure power output. Two complementary professional look just type.

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