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Which Job would you want to be Most in Maple Story 2?

Which Job would you want to be Most in Maple Story 2?

Tags: Maple Story 2 Knight Berserker Priest
Posted time: Dec 17,2014

Optional professional factions in the game Maple Story 2 are a warrior, mage, archers, and four major professional thieves faction, regression of the classic adventure island professional department. Soldiers can be turned to "knight" and "berserker", the mage can be turned to "witch" and "minister", archers can be turned to "ranger" and "heavy hand", thieves can be turned to "grand theft auto" and "assassins", a total of eight professional. Although character classes reduced, the balance between careers is accordingly strengthened, such cooperative engagements between players become more important than single farming Maple Story 2 Mesos.

Knight: knight is light and the embodiment of justice and the battlefield warriors, the front from the front and protection of its companion; he can use both hands the fierceness of attack of solid shield against the enemy, and weaknesses to capture the enemy a fatal blow. Knight left hand holding a sword, right hand hold the shield, shield can throw ranged attacks.

Berserker: berserker is a double sword wild field dominator; insane character makes its fearless, fearsome inexhaustible power to the enemy. Berserker weapon is bigger than the role itself mighty sword, a sword with both hands, can be a damage to multiple enemies around.

Witch: is nifty and lovely wizard through staves manipulation of the natural ability to attack the output type profession, the professional can release the freezing air conditioning freezing enemies around, and use the fire to destroy everything. But this powerful and dangerous ability also makes it the most prominent targets on the battlefield. Wizard weapons for staves, staves contains magic power, can used powerful energy for the wizard.

Priest: looks weak inner powerful priest, is to use and holy book cure type of wet nurse career. Pastor type is the basic treatment profession, to block the release of the area of the ground as a magic area is the most effective.

Ranger: ranger for remote assault class has great vision and energy, is beyond the enemy cannot escape he shot the arrow; light and agile body to make it in crisis can easily escape, wander among the enemy.

Heavy artillery hand: by the battlefield is to destroy all the outlaws, armed with cannon firing machine guns, expression with aplomb.

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