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Path of Exile: 1.3.0 bringing new features and systems

Path of Exile: 1.3.0 bringing new features and systems

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Posted time: Dec 01,2014

The next update to Path of Exile is revealed by Grinding Gears. PvP will be its main focus. Besides, new features and systems to the game will be brought by 1.3.0, which include new Torment and Bloodlines Challenge Leagues, a PvP-focused Forsaken Master, competitive PvP tournaments, PvP-only characters, new gems and unique, and an overhauled passive skill tree and so on.

New Challenge Leagues: Torment and Bloodlines
1.3.0 Content Update of December marks the start of two new Challenge Leagues-Torment and Bloodlines. It provides an opportunity for players to prove their mastery of Path of Exile. Both Torment and Bloodlines have unique properties that set them apart from normal play:

Torment: Torment is the standard Challenge League. Players are haunted by the spirits of tormented criminals that yield their ill-gotten gains when slain in Torment. If players are Eager to protect their trove, spirits will flee when they encounter nearby monsters. These monsters with dangerous powers can improve their Path of Exile Items.

Bloodlines: Bloodlines is the hardcore Challenge League. There is a shared Bloodlines mod in each pack of magic monsters, which can greatly influence combat. Sometimes the pack is still alive, and sometimes it has been killed. An additional power is gained by Nemesis which is involved rare monsters. Bloodlines revolve around groups of monsters with synergistic powers. To approach the different Bloodlines, varied strategy is needed. It is because Bloodlines have a wide array of effects.

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