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Share the Basic Introduction of Stalker in WildStar

Share the Basic Introduction of Stalker in WildStar

Posted time: Jun 19,2014


There are total of six jobs in WildStar, each class will be able to focus on DPS, but developers still divided six jobs into the TANK and treatment. Staiker, Esper, Medic, Spellslinger can be treated; Enginner and Warrior can do tanks. Lower ranks in the early stage, whatever you do treatment or tanks is insignificant, consider these 15 levels. In the battle can self healing ability will allow you to upgrade a bit quicker, but different professions have different fun and ability in PVE in addition to farm wildstar gold.

Maybe you don't think Stalker is a distinguished tank, because he masters stealth technique, and has long been people considered to be an outstanding DPS, if you want to quietly close to the enemy's rear against them, you can choose this career! Stalkers, relying on Nano Suit increases damage, defense and escape, is different from other traditional stealth, stealth is a lot of time not in contact, but plays a role like a berserker.

Stalker is most good at using a retractable claws and anti-skid device, of course, his body is also equipped with a series of high-tech items. According to understand, the so-called anti-skid device, has many functions, it can make stalkers more powerful, more avoidance, and also can let the players use some skills others cannot be observed. With these new skills, stalkers will not lack of plenty of wildstar gold.

Combined with its own natural great agility and self-control, stalkers can lead in the battle, not only make a deadly blow to the enemy, also can secretly high value targets of assassination mission.

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