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Get rid of Economic Conditions and Game Time Limit, Enjoy Your Fight in GW2

Get rid of Economic Conditions and Game Time Limit, Enjoy Your Fight in GW2

Posted time: Jun 17,2014


In the PVP of guild wars 2, will only keep players race and class, regardless of the level large or low-level novice, everyone will reach the highest level by default. All player skills and items automatically unlock, everyone can get rid of the economic conditions (no matter how much gw2 gold you own) and long, when the game into battle with all my heart. All equipment features of changes you are: blood, explosion, poisoning, disabled...Dozens of possible try all unconditionally, all sense of combat can one pace reaches the designated position.

Props can shine in PVP is fair game's nightmare. In order to prevent nightmares, "guild wars 2" to sharply weaken mall system, all the props can only lead to the change in the appearance and PVE auxiliary role (call merchant transaction objects, from running the resurrection points, etc.), any impact on PVP balance items will not appear. In short, PVP in the guild wars 2 all decide by your operation technology, but never exists equipment suppressed.

In Guild Wars 2, you will be very free of PVP system, from 1 v1 to 5 v5, you can join or leave at any time. When players enter the PVP arena will default to the top ranks of the set to any players compete with thought of PVP arena can obtain equal footing. Without worrying how many gw2 gold you have to earn, and then you only need to consider is how to use a combination of skills to play the biggest power, how to walk an operation to the enemy, and your consciousness and operation is the key to PVP winning!

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