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Free Combination of Skills Let You Keep Away From Job Discrimination

Free Combination of Skills Let You Keep Away From Job Discrimination

Posted time: Dec 16,2013


Maybe a lot of players are plagued by these situations and think a game not worth playing, in the game encounters job discrimination, felt boring when his teammates use wrong skills. Now, flexible, dynamic fighting in Guild Wars 2 will let you say goodbye to the past! In the world of GW2, whether in PVP or PVE, fighting is full of creativity, display is a versatile professional skills element and freedom, can let you accustomed to the traditional online game combat, all starting from the "new"!


Every profession in GW2 is versatility, it has many attacks, treatment and defensive skills, and you can freely choose and make free combination in the battle. Elementalist, for example, that is a job given priority to high damage with magic, but what if your team is all Elementalists? You can quickly take a set of high damage fire elementals skills switching to water element curing his teammates, or Earth Elemental skills which can enhance defense capabilities. There is not a traditional iron triangle; the same professional can also rely on the skill sets out the characteristics of different!


When your professional skills to release impact on other professional skills, what kind of chemical reaction will occur?"The game producer of Guild Wars 2 hopes you are not only the skills of the caster, but also the creators of skills. In a fight, you cooperation with other professional harm will "create" a new skills. Give you unexpected combat experience. This fresh pleasure may much more strongly than you work hard earning gw2 gold.


A simple example: you and your partners are fighting together, when you cast out the line of fire wall to attack the enemy, but one of your partners are using cyclone axe, when the tornado ax meets fire wall, it will split the fireball to hurt the enemy one by one; and another partner is fighting with bows and arrows, when ordinary arrows through the fire wall, will transform into the individual fire arrows with fire damage! So you and your team will experience the different fight and enjoy the game as well as obtain Guild Wars 2 gold.

Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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