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Ever changing appearance of the rift this time

Ever changing appearance of the rift this time

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Posted time: Jul 27,2012

In a year's time, rift 7 update, held a large number of global activities, Tana La world a new content and improvement of all aspects. This week we take a look at the highlights of the first year of Justin style and see what 1.8 will bring us something. And the game was getting the hot sale among so many players. So the Rift gold also gets widely used for the players.

Ever-changing appearance of the rift
The rift is the center of the game in the past year. We see the maturity and development. What impressed me most memory tests casually stroll suddenly saw the plane intrusion on the map. Period of time, players will be away from the cracks in hunting, but if you want to win a crack, usually do not end to solo.

During the year, the development team on the crack point changes, so that they become more rational and more popular. The activity prompted the space-time rift on the map icon to become more concise, they will now appear in the chat window, and mobile applications.

The rift itself is not a single warning activity. There are a lot of interesting target, so that they look so boring and a single. And the world activities, they also closely linked with players of all levels can look for the cracks to get cash and rewards. "Space-time rift" has gone through a long a journey, to some extent that it is still under development, but to see the team not to give up their status as the game core part was quite pleasing. For the player, they would be glad to use cheap rift gold in the game playing.

Search of Its Soul
Is the soul of another core of the space-time rift system, the construction and role of the players brought more flexibility? The system has been updated for the treatment-based priest can play the tank role. Each career has also been a lot of choices. Of course, this also means that a large number of balance, we have seen a number of things to prepare for the harmonious and.

In fact, the 1.8 update will be released, which made some changes to a lot of soul. Saboteur adjustment has become more like AE DPS soul. Storm callers and warlocks in DPS were strengthened. Tactics have also been enhanced, the use of action points to increase attack damage bonus. 1.8, there are many other soul modify, publish, players will immediately see the difference. In fact, the soul of the system and his copies of confused sometimes let new players and those players did not play for a long time. Fortunately, recent increases in the soul default function, the player's selection panel is easy to operate. And also o would like to buy rift gold for the playing. This is a good way for player’s up to speed construction and custom up easier.

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