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The Hoppening Arriving Soon As Atlas Launched Atlas Coin

The Hoppening Arriving Soon As Atlas Launched Atlas Coin

Posted time: Apr 24,2019

Atlas Reactor is a truly innovative game made up of a group of passionate and highly skilled developers. The latest Atlas patch description has been released to give players a new gaming experience. The North American PvE network will use the Colonies system, but developers have promised to support "open PvP and more controlled, rule-based PvP."


In addition, The Hoppening has begun to enter the game, of course, "Magic Easter Bunny" will appear. Players can get a pair of bunny ears "just donate a small Easter egg" that can be found in treasures or collected from chickens, including "great dungeons found in the depths of the earth" and the addition of new weapons and islands.

"hey broke the pattern of similar games and united a dedicated community. Despite the support of this group of fans, Atlas Reactor never grew and could not fund its continued development. It’s too much to see this chapter come here. Unfortunately, it is coming to an end, but maybe we will have the opportunity to re-examine the innovative spirit of Atlas in the future."

The current plan is to keep the Atlas Reactor server until June 28, although this may change - I think if everyone stops appearing in mid-May, it doesn't make much sense to stay on.

Purchases in the game have been banned, and projects that were previously available for real money trading are now available in "new ways", which I think is achieved through gameplay - Trion does not specify, but says XP, Flux, and ISO rates already "Significantly improved."  Our professional customer service team provides you with the best service. The face-to-face delivery method requires us to be present and in the game at the same time as you. Therefore, Buy Atlas Gold Coins at IGXE , please contact us through our 24/7 online support. If you know the coordinates of the meeting point of our game, you can use the "Contact IGXE" Button on IGXE, which is a way to inform us that you are waiting for us in the game.



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