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Fortnite v8.40 Patch Update Dogfighting Mode

Fortnite v8.40 Patch Update Dogfighting Mode

Posted time: Apr 19,2019

With the Fortnite World Cup qualifier in progress, this week's patch v8.40 is strange. Fortnite Items adds a very important feature: you can end up with a pet dog. The battle royale game introduces pets - which include not only dogs, but also dragons, chameleons and other cute creatures - as part of the sixth season of September. Considering the fascination of pets in the game, this is a feature that should have been available long ago.

The Air Royale model brings the aircraft of the previous season back to its specific mode. This mode is just a duet and will focus on fighting dogs with each team starting on a plane with three lives. This version of the Fortnite weapons has a new model and a different sound, but overall it is still the same gun, not a rare cousin. All infantry are kept semi-automatic and hitscan. To see all the changes Epic brought to buy Fortnite Items in patch v8.40, you can check out the full patch description below.


You can now pet dogs... and other pets!

Battle Pass Friend XP bonus has been upgraded!
 - The total XP bonus amount remains the same (120%) and it is now easier to stay active
 - If you play any game with any number of friends, you will get the same number of XPs as the ones who are playing a full set of battle channel friends.

Bug Fix
 - Fixed an issue where the trailer for the 8th season could not be played in some cases.
 - Fixed an issue where the embers from the environmental bonfire would be embarrassing if the floor to which they were attached was destroyed.
 - Solved the problem that the coconut could not be flat.
 - Fixed an issue where the turbocharger might stop if you used up the type of material currently in use.
 - Fixed a problem with placing traps inside the wall, making it difficult to see.
 - Fixed an issue where auto-placed traps were inconsistent.
 - Fixed an issue where "expressions" could not be played when bound to a specific key.
 - Fixed an issue with "Replay Last Emotic" before using any other emoticons, so it now plays emoticons in the default slot.

Resolved performance regression on PCs with less than quad-core CPUs: If you still experience performance issues on your PC, try manually adding "NoRHIThread" to Forticite's Epic Games Launcher settings

Art and Animation
Increase the size and intensity of the Boom Bow explosion to better represent the damage radius.

 - Adjusted the Reboot Van cooldown and the attenuation of the loop audio around the Reboot Chip to make it less loud.
 - Fixed an issue that caused the shotgun equipment sound to be played occasionally.

 - Imitate that when you call up your expression wheel, there is now an option to appear. If you are watching another player who plays your own performance, let you play the same expression.
 - When hiding HUD elements in options, some of them will now crash to free up the space they occupy - such as a small map.
 - There is now a HUD UI option to hide vehicle control prompts.
 - Time-limited mode The victory screen is no longer removed on the mobile/switch.

 - Fixed an issue where the speed of the drone was not saved during scrubbing
 - Fixed an issue where erasing playback in Drone Attach mode would cause the camera to be forgotten.

 - Updated ballet controls on default and custom HUDs.
 - You can adjust the Baler control for the custom HUD player in the HUD layout tool.

For players in the same vehicle, the audiovisual shooting indicator will no longer be displayed.
 - Fixed an issue where the Android app icon was displayed incorrectly.
 - Fixed issue with voice chat while watching

The push to talk button is no longer hidden when watching
 - Fixed an issue where the vehicle could not activate autorun.
 - Fixed an issue with missing reboot card descriptions.
 - Fixed an issue not shown in the Arena overview panel.
 - Fixed an issue where the FPS counter was displayed twice.
 - Fixed an issue where the weapon icon sometimes could not be displayed in the inventory hot bar.
 - Fixed an issue where the texture appeared stretched on the creative island.
 - Fixed an issue where a check mark icon was displayed on certain commands on the vehicle.
 - Fixed a problem with the second storm wall in the desert biome during the first closure.
 - Fixed an issue where some boxes could not be opened.
 - Fixed a weak wifi stop gameplay and could cause some disconnection issues.



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