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Atlas Upadte 1.5 Patch Note Continued Section 2

Atlas Upadte 1.5 Patch Note Continued Section 2

Posted time: Apr 17,2019

Atlas fans are ready, and the new surviving from Stu dio Wildcard will be undergoing a major update this month, starting with the launch of a new public testing field, followed by a major update to Atlas Items the game on April 11.


Balance Change
-The higher quality shipyards used in the construction of ships, the higher the level that ships can obtain.
-Now ships can upgrade their total damage output (affecting all the cannons on board) and their total resistance as new upgradeable statistics.
-In addition to Atlas Gold Coins mythological creatures, all deformable creatures are reproducible, with no exceptions.
-Adjustment and restoration of various ovipositors on all islands
-Reloading now changes the mini-games back to back instead of -passing through the various points of the animation.
-The vitamin deprivation effect has been eliminated, and only when the player has excess or lack of vitamins will lead to health loss.
-Increase the number of blacksmith shop stocks to 130.
-The weight of the catapult increased from 12 to 84.
-The number of productions on the higher level blueprints has been adjusted so they don't require as many resources as before.

QOL Change
-Territorial map now shows allies as cyan
-The role creator now has a height slider that makes it easier to set the desired height of the character.
-Any of your company’s dead ships (wrecks) will now display a unique icon on the map so you can find the shipwreck
-Global zone message update
-The current disputed claim will be displayed on the minimap
-Players can now install sails to directly control the sail's on/off and rotation settings in a more intuitive way.
-Switch the ladder button for the captain, the default is the large button.
-The company group has increased to 10
-Players cannot accept alliance invitations unless they are administrators
-Company logs can now be sorted
-A new group license as a valid "company owner." Only real company owners can set/unset the ranking for that particular group.

-Improved server and client performance
-Visual feedback for players who are unable to board an unmanned -vessel on the PvE
-Full body animation harvest
-More realistic old wrinkles
-Additional face slider for character customization
-The diving suit cover has been adjusted so it is easier to see underwater
-Commodity dealers can only be found on merchant ships on servers in PvP
-Respec Potion has been moved to Freeports crew recruitment staff


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