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Atlas Upadte 1.5 Patch Note Section 1- New Features and Content

Atlas Upadte 1.5 Patch Note Section 1- New Features and Content

Posted time: Apr 16,2019

Studio Wildcard is very proud of this version called Atlas Mega Update 1.5 because it ultimately fixes the game to something concrete and workable. In fact, the Atlas 100.1 update may be the best time for players to re-enter. “Looking ahead, we anticipate that major follow-up updates will be conducted monthly, including more content such as new items, weapons, creatures and new areas for players to view!” claims Studio Wildcard. In the Atlas 1.5 update patch Note, Follow that:

-Redesigned: ATLAS World 40% Island/Land and New World Map Layout.
-Redesigned: Claims System Colony: Free-form buildings with more advanced protection and time-executed PvP rules to create a collaborative atmosphere and limit the game to make it easier for individual players or small groups now known as Empire and PvE The pattern will be a modified version of the colony.
-New Environment: A new exploration area in Deep Trench, guarded by powerful underwater creatures, is home to New Cancer.
-New environment: The eastern tundra now has its own visual design, no longer using the western tundra style
-New weather: polar tundra and 'snow' weather system
-New World Phenomenon: The Aurora Aurora Light show will generate rewards that are visible in specific areas.
-New car: The submarine explores the depths of the ocean in this small reconnaissance submarine. It uses claw arms to help harvest the sea floor and explore (demolition) the player. The wreck is also equipped with a harpoon (using anchor bolts) as a new type of underwater. Weapons will speed up ocean operations.
-New creatures: Cancer can carry heavy loads, as well as players, animal trainers and wildlife
-New item: "Guillotine" It takes too long to hang your enemy with a sling. 
-New project: "Big Wall" is equipped with guardrails and ladder snaps, so you can now build a suitable defensive perimeter!
-New project: “Small door.” Double-height high door structure for wood and stone.
-New item: "Player Store". Players can set up an automated store, list the spoils for sale and name their own coins.
-The new project: "Resolving the War Declaration" is linked to the war system, delaying the solution on the ATLAS map to announce their war!
-New Item: Provide more taming tokens for mysterious creatures! Allow players to have limited time at Fire Elemental, Rock Elemental and Gorgon. Reward: Rock elements and Cyclops can ride!
-New feature: The war system declares war on your enemies!
-New feature: "Mainline mission" includes collecting nine trench stones and defeating the hard mode siren!
-New features: Seven "tasks" will provide their own unique skills to unlock after successful completion
-New feature: Curse is associated with player execution
-New feature: player-to-player secure trading system
-New features: Program-generated shipwrecks, players can explore the items and blueprints they can drill into the ocean, or find their visual indicators on the water, or successfully complete the sextant mini-game, which will point you in the direction of the shipwreck
-New feature: The catapult character can now be deployed into combat using a catapult.
-New Makeup: Peg Legs, Hook Hands and Multiple Armour sets can customize the look of your company and employees! It can be purchased at a cosmetic supplier.
-Redesign: The cursed squad (ship) will now have multi-dimensional changes in statistics and difficulty at different levels.
-Redesign: Grappling Hook has been redesigned to provide better physics and downhill mechanics, and players will be able to use them realistically.
-Redesigned: Explosive buckets can now be carried, thrown into the water, and explode when they collide with anything underwater (deep charging!).

Thank you for reading, we will add a patch to explain the changes in the next chapter, QOL changes, Misc etc. If you want more Atals patch note in igxe, where you can get Atlas Gold Coins and Atlas Items . please look forward to our update.






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