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Fortnite: 5 Leaked Weapons, Modes and Items That Maybe Found in Season 8

Fortnite: 5 Leaked Weapons, Modes and Items That Maybe Found in Season 8

Posted time: Apr 08,2019

Epic Games updated their in-game news, and players can see projects that can be added to the game before Epic Games is actually implemented - but that doesn't always mean they will definitely be added.

After each major Fortnite patch is released, data miners can delve into the game files to find new projects and skins that will be released in the future. Epic did not disclose the skin in advance. However, the leaker has leaked the skin to the skin before the skin is unlocked. Players can see any new items that may be on the way, allowing them to save their v-Bucks to purchase the latest outfits for their characters - even more skin was leaked during the recent v8.20 update.

Leaked Fortnite items that have never been added
Data mining projects don't always get into the game because Epic can still make last minute changes before it's released - there are five leaks that have never been introduced.


Mechanical pistol (Mini-Uzi)
Back in the v7.10 patch, Epic Games made a number of changes to the submachine guns in Fortnite, and was able to find a machine gun that looked very similar to the Mini-Uzi that was previously seen in Call of Duty. Then added SMG's compression variant and introduced the compact SMG; this is one of the most powerful weapons we've seen since its release.

High infantry rifle
The infantry rifle was added at the end of the seventh season and is one of the most unpopular weapons of all time. Leaks discovered the epic and legendary variants of the infantry rifle that could be launched in the near future.

The founder of Fortnite
Fortnite's promise to buy a game that saves the world will be rewarded with cosmetics in the battle royale mode. These skins were eventually offered in the v5.10 update, providing STW users with the legendary Warpaint and Rose Team Leader apparel. The leak suggests that Fortnite Items will add a harvesting tool for this bundle. However, since then, it has been found that the downtime has disappeared from the game code in the V8.2 content update, indicating that it may never be available.

Gun game mode
The leak indicates that Fortnite has added a number of limited time modes, including sniper shooting, one shot and a trio. Epic will take inspiration from Call of Duty and add a gun game mode that requires players to get offset to upgrade their current Fortnite weapon. This model has not yet been released, but after the code for the reverse gun game was discovered in the 8th season, it may appear in future updates,click igxe.com and know more about Fortnite update.

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