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Final Fantasy XIV Xbox One is Release or not?

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox One is Release or not?

Posted time: Apr 04,2019

Is Brazil using the Xbox One to release the Final Fantasy XIV Brazilian Official Classification Committee released the "Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Notes"? . The ratings in the possible platforms also list the moments when using Xbox One will become a look forward to the Xbox One release. What will be different?

What does the leak mean?
Colleagues from the news page on behalf of Xbox found an interesting discovery that the Brazilian video game rating agency has missed the upcoming plug-in FFXIV:. Shadowbringers' ratings also appear on the Xbox One in the platforms listed for the game.

What are the advantages?
Since this is not the official announcement of Square, the Brazilian rating committee may just be a mistake. One should be cautious to enjoy the rating of this news classification committee. Several new versions have been released in the past:. 

Diablo 3: Eternal collection of players.
 I also learned about the exile way of the PS4 version through the Taiwan Rating Board. European and US servers are assigned to new data centers. Server splitting will make room for these new players, allowing players to play games without worries.Director Yoshida himself has repeatedly emphasized in the past few years that he hopes to release FFXIV on as many platforms as possible. Therefore, discussions with Microsoft and Nintendo representatives will progress steadily.

So it's not surprising if the Xbox One version of FFXIV gil is actually within reach.

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