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Fortnite 8.2 Update that Players are Concerned about

Fortnite 8.2 Update that Players are Concerned about

Posted time: Apr 03,2019

Since the Fortnite 8.2 update, we have acquired a new explosive weapon in Fortnite. Epic has introduced some popular rules that reward every player who removes shields, health and materials, making super-aggressive game styles that are popular with streamers and professionals. Obviously not so feasible. It caused a storm in the community, people asked to remove the changes, and developers might respond to fan requests.


First, I should note that the epic may recover these changes in the next week's patch. Developers make balanced changes to major updates, not content updates, and it keeps patching and tweaking. The key to the problem is the conflict between casual and highly skilled players, whether they are professional players, streaming media or anyone else. There are 250 million Fortnite players, most of whom are likely to play the whole game without killing. Epic needs to meet these two groups and strike a good balance between the famous high skill limits of this game, making Fortnite to the present Great success has been achieved so far, and efforts are constantly being updated every time.

The epic will still reward players who use health, shields and materials to eliminate in the arena mode, but people complain that long queues can lead to competitions, not to mention streaming, which is more or less impossible. Of course, there are also streamer problems: Fortnite has received tremendous support with the support of streaming media, and these players exist in a strange intermediate space. There is a lot of overlap between professionals and professionals. They often have similar views on these topics. However, the high skill is pleasant. Streamer can be an important part of how you can get low-skilled casual wear into the game and ensure that Fortnite stays in the public eye. This is complicated!

I can easily see the epic efforts to improve technical stability, I think the developer's data is very tight now, trying to figure out whether these changes are worth rebounding. If you pay special attention to this update, you can pay attention to igxe, we will give you more updates, here we will provide you with your needs for fornite Items, specially set discounts for member players every Tuesday, which give fans qulity customer sevice.


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