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FALLOUT 76: Wild Appalachia Patch 7.5 - 2019

FALLOUT 76: Wild Appalachia Patch 7.5 - 2019

Posted time: Apr 02,2019




Self-subsidized 7.5 release, Survival mode Beta introduces Radiation 76, which is a new game mode, player vs. player (PVP) battle, scoreboard for tracking your stats, all XP bonuses on your new weekly Challenge rewards and legendary project rewards. We also renamed the standard Fallout 76 experience "adventure mode" and have eliminated the damage done by players you are not hostile.
Patch version

Survival patch 7.5 is 4GB on the game console and 2GB on the PC, so storage space is constantly emerging. There is not a lot of balanced delivery 7.5 because it focuses on splitting the radiation 76 into the above two modes and fixing some of the perpetual errors.

The standard Fallout 76 experience has been renamed to "Adventure" and "Survival Beta" has been added as a new game mode.

The list also covers Wild Appalachia, and the recent decline in big content has also recently ushered in a new PVP model: survival. It's actually 76th Radiation and is now a "beta" form that includes scoreboard features, bonus XP, weekly challenges and legendary project rewards. Subsequently, the core version of the game is now called "Adventure Mode" (and eliminates "unwanted PVP"). You can switch between the two modes freely and even survive as soon as the character is created.

Adventure mode

While the standard gaming experience has a new name, the adventure mode is still primarily Fallout 76, as you know it today. However, today's patch does bring a major change that can greatly reduce the impact of unwanted PVP on the adventure mode role.

Survival mode (BETA)

"Survival Mode" is a new, more competitive and dangerous gameplay model for "Fallout 76" and contains some of the changes in the adventure mode you might want to pay attention to before diving. But it's also important to note that you can still complete activities in the mission and adventure modes, upgrade, rob and explore Appalachian in the same way as in survival mode.

PVP battle and balance

Weapon damage during PVP combat has been fully adjusted to limit the amount of health a player may lose when hitting a PVP battle. This adjustment will greatly reduce the possibility of a one-time kill and has been applied to PVP combat in survival mode.

In addition, the PVP combat damage changes mentioned in the Adventure Mode section above to limit one kill also apply to survival.
Reward XP when playing Survival mode

 - +20% bonus on any experience gained by all players while playing in Survival mode.
 - Complete new weekly challenges and get legendary rewards
 - Add weekly challenges and provide legendary rewards upon completion.

During and after the survival mode beta, a new weekly challenge is added each week, each with a different reward.The first six survival models Beta Weekly Challenge Awards are awarded to legendary weapons. For more information on the latest igxe.com news, you can buy fallout 76 caps according to your needs.We will serivice on line and you will get a surpise price.



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