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Path of Exile: Grinding Gear Games’ best expansion

Path of Exile: Grinding Gear Games’ best expansion

Posted time: Apr 02,2019

Path of Exile’s players enjoy betrayal  — so much so that they made Betrayal a landmark expansion for the online role-playing game. And now Grinding Gear Games is ready to synthesize that goodwill for its next expansion.

“We’ve seen consistent growth up to the 3.0 megaexpansion [The Fall of Oriath, with the Harbinger Challenge League], and since then, we’ve seen higher user numbers in both the 3.30 [Incursion] and also 3.50 expansion [Betrayal], the one from December,” said Wilson. “We’re very pleased with Path of Exile’s growth over the years, especially now that it’s a game that’s been out in some form for six or seven years.”


Devling into the numbers
Grinding Gear has the best concurrency figures ever. During the 3.30 period, we saw quite a few players leaving the game. In that league, people leave faster than normal. We have a lot of theory why this is the case. One theory is that people can play other games.

Although the Road to Exile has a dedicated player base, it is a real-time service game where people can weave and weave based on whether new content is published in interaction with their gameplay. Even if they are involved, they will not often play every day during the three-month release.

3.50, very flattering, obviously this is our business model - repeatedly blocking good content, when people have time to play, they will do it, if things are taking their time, we will have lower time Numbers, once these things disappear, our numbers will increase again.

BesTV, blocked?
The AAA heavy season, which starts in late August and peaks in November, may also affect the number of players.

This is very likely to be the case. I am not completely sure. We have a theory that 3.1 [Atlas of War] may fall because it is just a normal expansion compared to the large expansion marketing of 3.00. It's worth noting that maybe 3.30 is bad, people are not at 3.40 [Delve] because the previous one has a very low retention rate. During the Christmas period, 3.50 was great. Internally, the indicators have been good. We are not so worried, because the numbers are still high, whether they are slightly down. All core Chinese players will jump on their servers for a few weeks to play their version. This may have an impact on the number of releases. Of course, you can get poe items or poe currency to help you upgrade fast.

After the release of the Road to Exile on the PS4, it may now be more than ever at www.igxe.com.

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