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Forttite Season 8 Week 2 : How to use pirate guns in Fortnite to deal 100 damage

Forttite Season 8 Week 2 : How to use pirate guns in Fortnite to deal 100 damage

Posted time: Mar 27,2019

In the previous article, we mentioned the 8 season, 2 week of the Fortnite' challenge, Fortnite Battle Royale is fully developed, although players may find many challenges are familiar, but now there are some more difficult to achieve goals. Perhaps the most difficult thing in the second week of the challenge was the use of pirate cannons to cause damage, a new weapon that was introduced at the beginning of the eighth season.


How to use pirate guns in Fortnite to deal 100 damage

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, because the cannon itself is slow, difficult to manipulate, and difficult to control accurately, it may be difficult to project your shots. Therefore, how can we get 100 damage by using the pirate gun, by entering the correct Game mode and get a little luck, you should be able to complete this challenge immediately.

In the Battle Royale section of Fortnite, be sure to choose Team Rumble as your intended game mode.Once the game begins, make sure to land near one of the seven pirate camps on the game map. Try to target the person closest to the game circle to maximize your chances of seeing someone. Instead of running along with the cannon, just wait for the battle near you. As the battle begins around you, start shooting at unsuspecting enemies. The cannon will drop a little after launch, so make sure you aim at a higher shooting angle than normal.

After you manage to get a cannon and a proper position, all of this is about waiting for the right moment to attack. Large-scale battles often occur on the Rumble team, so you should be able to shoot several times for enemies who might notice you. If you try to hit them directly, the shell will inflict 50 damage and deal 100 damage to the enemy, so keep trying and you should complete the challenge at any time.

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