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Fortnite Season 8 Map Have a Interesting Story in update v8.20

Fortnite Season 8 Map Have a Interesting Story in update v8.20

Posted time: Mar 25,2019

Fortnite's upcoming battle royale update v8.20 will incorporate bug fixes for Pirate Cannons, Clingers and Squad Fill. For any season with adventure and mystery as the theme... undoubtedly there will not be lots of issues happening within the Fortnite season eight so far. Generally Fortnite has some unresolved concerns or mysteries about its all round "story story."


Following a number of seasons, we are now inside a new "story plot" connected towards the Fire King plus the Ice King and also the pirates. There is also the military organization AIM. But as of now, there is only one "fun" point on the Fortnite map that may be altering swiftly. In update v8.20, I didn't even realize that this happened these days. There is a helicopter around the map. The helicopter initially appeared within the northernmost portion from the map, close to the new "hot spring" area, and has been in a various position, now moving clockwise about the map seven occasions, and now it is resting close to the submarine within the ice location southwest.

In fact, what is surprising could be the massive telescope that protrudes from the side from the helicopter. It truly is at present pointing northwest, towards the middle in the map, and I am not positive if other landings have the very same orientation. However it might not be attainable to point out precisely where the "reconnaissance" is. Nevertheless, telescopes are also crucial within the game.


I hope that the helicopter could make a comprehensive circle around the map and after that... what about it? I'm not certain. This isn't essentially the most fascinating mystery within the game, due to the fact most players won't see it at all, however it may well be connected to future events, since it seems to become moving every week than two more essential rock statues. Maybe it's connected to Discovery's secret skin, mainly because these skins are pretty much usually associated to this season's "plot." You may follow more updates on igxe.com.

I'm nonetheless waiting for the significant event of Fortnite this season, some kind of huge boss battle, all servers and all players are gathered on 1 enemy. Players who Buy Fortnite Items could be old fans for this game, possibly a new fans attracted by the story. Since the ice storm, we have been waiting, even if the volcano and also the fire king's army arrived, nothing at all happened. I nevertheless consider of issues coming out with the volcano, but who knows. We must look at whether or not this mysterious helicopter is associated to it.


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