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How to Find Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76

How to Find Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76

Posted time: Mar 25,2019

Of all players in Fallout 76 know that the hardest to track is the enemy's game’s cryptids; if you don't know where to look, it's hard to find enemies like Mothman and Wendigo. However, enemies like Flatwoods Monster are the most mysterious and elusive. This alien is really hard to find, but if you want to capture this rare scam, you can try some places.


How to find Fallout 76 Flatwoods monsters?

Flatwoods Monster is a unique alien life form in Fallout 76 of various cryptids. Of course, aliens are already a canon in the radiation environment, but this seems to be different from the aliens appearing in the DLC of Radiation 3 or the Easter eggs in Radiations 4 and 76. This is one of the reasons that is hard to find is that it is only random. appear;. There is no place in the game to ensure that one is more frustrating. The monster can be killed in two different forms to create a hostile form; if the player attacks or approaches it, the passive form will disappear.

Although there is no way to guarantee that the Flatwoods Monster is encountered, in some places they seem to be more reliable. The best place to go is Mire's Abbie's Bunker; Flatwoods Monster sometimes spawns nearby. Also, try to check out the surroundings of Johnson's Acre, World's Top and Conversion Ammunition Factory Public Seminar. Other possible spawning sites include the forest on the west side of the Wilson Brothers car repair, the southeastern Spruce Knob channel, and the forest on the Dyer Chemical.

Once you actually find the Flatwoods monster, you will get into a tough fight. However,  you can buy fallout 76 caps or notice igxe.com to help you improve your level. Therefore, we have been offering players with cheap fallout 76 caps. Thousands of players has been trusting us, as our powerful delivery system helps us guarantee a fast delivery.More,the cryptid can transfer and regenerate a lot of health. In addition to the standard version, there are two more powerful variants; the legendary Flatwoods monster and the mythical Flatwoods monster. If you want to fight this enemy, try to find the fifth story of West Virginia Mountain; this magazine will give you a 15% damage bonus to Flatwoods Monsters.

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