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Preview Survival Mode to Fallout 76 on March 26th

Preview Survival Mode to Fallout 76 on March 26th

Posted time: Mar 22,2019


Fallout 76 will appear in the game in March 26th. This is a separate game mode from the main game and has fewer PvP restrictions. In addition, there will be a scoreboard so that players can track their killing stripes and weekly challenges and will reward "legendary rewards."

  fallout 76

So what kind of radiation 76 do you like to let you move on?

 When the player enters the game, they will choose between the adventure mode or the survival test. The adventure mode will reduce the damage done to other players by other unfamiliar players. Survival mode changes the PVP battle, death and rebirth skills, and provides the player with a +20% XP bonus.


In survival mode, players can continue to play, even though they can be attacked by other players and vice versa. The only time other players appear on the map is whether they are "wanted" or the top 3 of the "longest life" scoreboard. Each time a player kills, they get a 2x cap. The defeated players also "drop" all their junk as a random amount of aid they carry. "These things can be looted by anyone in the area.


Other components of the survival model include:

The scoreboard kills in the player, the longest life, gets XP, completes the event, kills the enemy, collects the bounty, and is most active when collecting time. Weapons are also the most important in survival mode, and each type of Stimpack can be activated at any time.

Respawn is only available in one CAMP or Vault 76 or train station, fast travel is limited to CAMP, Vault 76 or train station or workshop controlled by the player


Once the survival beta is online, we will make changes to reduce all the damage caused by players you are currently not hostile. This adjustment effectively eliminates "slap damage" and should greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of any unwanted PVP.


Go to igxe.com to learn more about the survival mode, you can buy fallout 76 caps to help you play the game, I did a lot of other camps to build a beautiful little house and then make it comfortable, my girlfriend said that I am in "radiation" than Made more home decorations in real life. This is true because I never put anything on my wall, but I spent a lot of time doing these paintings. "Is it compatible with the color scheme of this room, I should really get this sofa, I should get the carpet or key wall." After a period of hard work, I think ‘I want to do something more embarrassing’.

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